16/04/2022 - Giuseppe Leo

Dove: Firenze

Quando: 18/07/2022 - 22/07/2022

Conventional optical components control light using gradual phase accumulation through propagation in refractive materials. Recently, ultrathin optical interfaces capable of controlling the light properties, including amplitude - phase - polarization and the dispersion of light, have been proposed for mid infrared and optical wavelengths. These devices, called metasurfaces, rely on the scattering properties of ultrathin subwavelength scale optical resonators patterned at interfaces. The design was influenced by the ability to control scattering of light from wavelength scale dielectric or metallic nanoparticles in the resonant scattering regime or in the non-resonant one using the geometric phase.

Since about ten years, the concept of metasurfaces has gained considerable attention in the optics community, offering new perspectives for the realization of optical components with unexpected optical functionalities. Devices such as holograms, polarimeters, cameras, lasers with arbitrary wavefronts, polarization sensitive imaging, nonlinear and quantum optical components with extended functionalities have been proposed.

The purpose of this workshop is to gather the academic community working on metasurfaces, after the first successful edition. The topics of interests are fundamental principles and technological applications of metasurfaces, targeting new phenomena and advanced optical functionality of metasurfaces, with a careful attention on their applications in realistic optical systems.

The workshop contains special sessions addressing both scientific and industrial purpose and an educational afternoon session with a young research forum (this one will be updated by the students themselves). The workshop consists of invited presentations, including 4 special sessions involving academics and industrials (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning), and one full day (Thursday) devoted for graduate students and postdocs to present their own work in a non-intimidating environment, to build collaborative networks with their peers, and prepare them for active participation to the scientific community.

Every day, two main research topics will be considered with a morning and an afternoon dedicated session. A tutorial/keynote presentation have been selected to present and introduce the subject. We will select two discussion leaders for each plenary: an academic and a student involved in the young research forum organization. The afternoon time from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm will be left as unstructured time to stimulate discussion among all participants. We will organize two poster sessions during these afternoons, in which all participants would have sufficient time to engage and discuss freely.



Paese: ITALIA, Svizzera, Australia, Regno Unito, Germania, Francia, Federazione Russa, Israele, Corea del Sud, Stati Uniti d'America

SSD: 02 - Scienze fisiche, 09 - Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione