ENEL OPEN INNOVABILITY CHALLENGE® | Enel Employee Wellbeing Technology Challenge

10/01/2022 - Enel

Challenge Expiration Date: January 28, 2022

RewardOpportunity to collaborate with Enel


Enel, supported by tech leaders IBM, is seeking partners to improve employees’ wellbeing management while tracking anonymized employee data.

This Challenge provides contribution to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing
  • SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

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European energy giant Enel, supported by tech leaders IBM, is seeking companies with disruptive technologies or developing innovations to track anonymized employee data which in turn provides its employees with a better way to manage ad improve their wellbeing.

Enel is a multinational utility company leading the energy transition: Enel is the first network operator with about 74 million end users, it is the world leader in terms of installed capacity by renewable sources (49GW) and has the largest customer base worldwide counting over 70 million customers. Enel has over 65,000 staff members across the world and even though staff wellbeing is already a focus, since the pandemic hit over 1.5 years ago the organisation are keen to source further technology to support their teams. Enel’s goal of this challenge is to provide employees with opportunities to improve their personal wellbeing while at the same time, helping Enel to understand and better provide for their workforce.


Primary areas of focus include activity & fitness, healthy workspaces, and stress management. Secondary areas of focus are nutrition, disease prevention and financial wellness.

Enel welcomes "pitches" from partners with disruptive technology that identifies, improves and/or monitors employee wellbeing through the tracking of behaviours such as movement, activity, and mood etc. whilst also looking for solutions that can use that data, interact with staff, and proactively deliver wellbeing recommendations.

Enel is looking for solutions that encompass as much of the following as possible:

  • A digital solution able to directly improve employees’ wellbeing and give them feedback, while tracking data anonymously through a SaaS, Cloud or on-premises tools or applications that can measure attribute related to employees’ wellbeing. This part of the solution must be able to expose anonymized results to the enterprise, as well as include best practice recommendations from the enterprise
  • A SaaS, Cloud or on-premise solution to gather, analyse, collate and deliver intuitive feedback on the state of employee health via anonymized data. This part of the solution should:
  1. Integrate with and utilise anonymized data across employee member base (at least 30,000) from existing internal tooling as well as the net new applications and programmes given above.
  2. Track and report on the sentiment of employees and provide analytical recommendations for improvements and/or early warning of problem areas
  3. The solution must be able to apply AL/ML technology to deliver intuitive feedback on the state of employee health, both as best practice to individuals and, in anonymized form, to the enterprise, as well as better understand future trends and inform future decision making.


Challenge Entry Criteria

Industry, Specialism and Experience Requirements:

  •  Applicants with experience in data tracking, security and anonymisation
  • Applicants with proven experience within the healthcare (or other regulated) industry
  • Demonstrable domain knowledge on employee wellbeing and/or the application of data science and AI/ML technologies to inform wellbeing understanding and decision making
  • Proven team capability to work successfully on co-creation innovation (if applicable)
  • Must be a registered company
  • Applications are welcome from companies around the World

Technology Requirements:

  • Technology Readiness Level 5 and upwards
  • Demonstrable AL/ML capability in terms of analysis and insight generation
  • On-premise, SaaS, Cloud or mobile applications. To enable future flexibility, any on-premise applications should be Cloud capable. These, and indeed all Cloud applications, should support deployment onto multiple clouds, with the preferred mechanism for this being able to run on OpenShift
  • Demonstrable understanding of the assessment of employee wellbeing
  • The solution should not involve the storing of video recordings


  • The solution will ideally be suitable for multiple languages, namely - Italian, Spanish and English


Before submitting a solution, all the applicants must sign up to for a new account and register their start up, including the user contact information, Company name, tax number, address and other information required in the signup form.

All the applicants must fill in the solution form with a technical description of the proposed solution, including an explanation of how the solution proposes to address all the requirements listed above.

All the applicants can withhold proprietary details, if necessary, but should provide convincing evidence for Enel and IBM to appreciate the merits of the approach and to allow for a feasibility evaluation.

All the applicants must also complete and attach the answers to the IBM technical questions. All applicants must attach their answers in PDF or word (find attached the editable version of the Annex – IBM questions).


Enel and IBM will select a small number of stand-out teams to progress forward and work on the challenge.

This Challenge can offer opportunities for all applicants:

  • Potential procurement of market-ready capability
  • Ability to develop a PoC or trial implementation with the support of Enel’s Innovation team
  • Referenceable use case with one of the world’s largest energy suppliers
  • The opportunity to showcase your solution to key stakeholders within Enel S.p.A (with the support of IBM and Whitespace)
  • Potential partnership with Enel and IBM to access new markets and accelerate product and/or service development
  • Opportunities for all applicants to join IBM’s Start-up Program and Partner Ecosystem

The winner of the challenge will have the opportunity to accelerate the development of their solution in collaboration with Enel.

What can you expect from IBM?

  • Access to IBM’s technology and experts
  • Assistance with any aspects of IBM cloud, AI/ML, security or data access that you chose to use
  • Cloud credits to cover any IBM cloud technologies that you chose to use
  • Business opportunities
  • If you chose to use IBM technology and partner with IBM, access to a range of Go To Market programs and support

What can you expect from Enel?

  • Access to Enel’s experts and network
  • Dedicated point of contact at Enel
  • Support from Enel innovation hub teams
  • Business opportunities
  • Quick-win and long-term relationships
  • Potential international expansion

Meet the challenge!

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