OECD/OCDE - Call For Tenders / Appel d'offres RFQ_546 - Supporting the Palestinian Authority

24/08/2021 - MAECI DGSP

The OECD is launching this call for tenders in order to source a Consultant who will carry out work in the context of the project “Support the Palestinian Authority to enhance Governance and the Rule of Law” and the implementation of its four components:

1. Component A.1: Identification, mapping and analysis of institutional arrangements for policy- and law-making in the PA;

2. Component A.2: Technical assistance programmes on policy- and law-making;

3. Component A.3: Technical and logistical support for public consultations and enhanced public access to legislation;

4. Component A.4: Involvement in Regional and International Networks.

As well as the project “Supporting the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Public Administration Reform” and the implementation of its five components in addition to a horizontal component:

1. Developing a strategic framework for Public Administration Reform (PAR) in the PA;

2. Policy development and co-ordination;

3. Civil service and human resources management;

4. Improve service delivery;

5. Organisational and Functional Set-up of the Centre of Government (CoG) and selected areas

The deadline for submission of offers is Sunday 19th September 2021, 05:00pm (Paris time)

The OECD will use its e-Sourcing portal to conduct this procurement exercise: https://oecd.bravosolution.com

Tipologia: Bando/Avviso

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